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26 elephants in the room

Hoookay. It’s about time I addressed these elephants; my 26 before 26 things. Let’s be real here. I ain’t gonna achieve all 26 things. So how about a recap, and then I move on and start thinking about (more realistic) … Continue reading

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Recent Life Update (pic heavy!)

So I’ve been absent of late, again. I seem to be making a habit of this! Life recently has been a turbulent, busy, sometimes awesome and sometimes awful whirlwind. I’ve turned 25, done lots of overtime at work, very recently become single … Continue reading

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The Birthday Post

Hi fat fashion fans! Sorry for my UBER absence these past couple of weeks- things have been absolutely bonkers in Fat Fashion land! Coming up here is my first post of many, and it’s the post detailing my birthday shennanigans- … Continue reading

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Birthday 2013- Realistic Wishlist

            So, I may have mentioned in another post that it’s my birthday reasonably soon. I’ll be turning 23 (eek!) in 17 days! I thought it might be interesting (maybe?) to show some of the … Continue reading

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