Recent Eats

Okay. So some of you might hate this post, but I’m still going to write it. So if food and nutrition and pictures of therein are not your thing, feel free to skip this one! I try to eat around 1500-1700 calories a day, though myfitnesspal say I should eat more (around 1890 calories a day) and I try to leave enough room with each of my three meals for snacks and treats during the day. I don’t think anyone gains anything by jumping straight into a restrictive diet and saying you’ll never eat this or that again. I don’t think it’s a good thing.

These won’t be in any chronological order, by the way. And I’m sorry that some of them are quite similar…

Basically, at the moment I’m on something of a salad-esque kick. I think there’s something beautifully simplistic about salads and the fact that you can literally throw a load of different bits and pieces into a bowl and call it lunch. So many people moan about salads  being boring rabbit food, but if you think beyond the lettuce-cucumber-tomato box then they’re beautiful, delicious and substantial meals!

Salad number one is a base of ‘sweet and crunchy’ salad from Tesco (a mix of iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and carrot), cucumber and tomato with mixed olives, marinated red peppers (I buy big jars of Polish branded ones for fairly little money and lots and lots of flavour!), a big dollop of red pepper houmous and strips of Hickory Smoked Tofurkey. This was really tasty.

Salad number two was a bit of an indulgence and one of my favourites! There was a pack of honey roasted salmon in the ‘sin bin’ when I went shopping so into my salad that went, along with mixed leaves (rocket, spinach, that sort of thing), giant garlic-stuffed olives and sweet peppadews.

Salad number three is quite possibly the salad that kickstarted my salad obsession! Mixed leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, pimento-stuffed peppers, sweet peppadews, artichoke hearts, avocado and one of these gorgeous BBQ fish fillets I’ve been buying from Iceland. You cook them from frozen and they’re just so good. Perfect with rice and veggies, chips, baked potato, pasta or in a salad like this. Or any way you’d want to eat some fish to be honest!

This one’s less of a salad and more of a bowl. That’s another great way to construct a salad and is especially good if you have lots of leftover veggies from a roast or something; just plonk them all down in different spaces of a bowl and tuck in! This one was mixed leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mixed olives with sundried tomatoes, houmous and avocado. This was really yummy.

Something else I’ve been really trying to focus on recently is eating breakfast. Now I sometimes still do skip it and that’s normally because either a) I find it really hard to eat early in the morning, so if I’m getting up for a full day of work I can’t eat breakfast because I don’t feel hungry and eating would make me sick, or b) I know I’m eating something huge later that day and would rather save some calories! Probably not a good thing but never mind! I know however that once I’m working proper days as a trainee teacher I’ll need the energy so I’ll have to work out either a way to eat in the morning or take some breakfast food with me to work!

I’ve been loving Weetabix really, with almond milk (lactose intolerant!) and fruit. Here I’ve cut up bananas with it but it’s also really good with blueberries or strawberries. I find sweet breakfast easier to eat than savoury, sometimes, though I’m not too sure how good it is for me to start the day with a load of sugar, natural or not! Here I had it with a green tea, which is also something else I’m trying to do- drink more water and tea rather than Diet Coke! It’s working so far!

Another breakfast that I enjoy and that is a good energy booster in the morning is a slice of toast, spread with cashew nut butter (I can’t stand peanut butter!) and topped with banana, and I had it here with the rest of the banana and loads of strawberries and blueberries. I think it’s because it’s summer and they’re properly in season but the strawberries I’ve been getting of late have been so tasty.

I also do like a savoury breakfast sometimes, even though I said I find a sweet breakfast easier to eat (!), and my favourite is avocado on toast. Sometimes if I’m eating more of a brunch sort of meal or I’m feeling like stretching my breakfast calories I might have eggs as well. I especially like avocado egg-in-a-basket- toast your bread, spread it with avocado and cut the middle out with a little round pastry cutter. Pop the avocado toast in a frying pan (sprayed with a little cooking spray) and crack an egg into the hole. Flip once when it’s starting to get really opaque, flip out onto a plate, and devour. So good, guys.

This was dinner from one of the days this week and it was so tasty I’m definitely going to have to do it again! It was just a pack of stir fry veg- mange tout, tenderstem broccoli, sweetcorn and a red chilli I think!- which I cooked up with a little fish sauce and kicap manis, into which I tipped a small pouch of microwave rice and veggies (frozen ones, I get bags of these and egg fried rice and they’re perfectly sized for a dinner portion) and then flaked a mostly-cooked frozen tuna steak. All of the flavours mixed perfectly together, it was lovely and moist and the vegetables were just on that cusp between tender and crunchy. Ugh I can taste it as I write about it and it was so tasty!

This was dinner from last night and it was so good I wanted to talk about it! We had a ‘taco and movie night’ yesterday, and the tacos were delicious! My mum goes to Weight Watchers (not for me) and she gets a little booklet magazine thing every now and again. Well her most recent one had this recipe for Quorn tacos and we decided we needed to try it. So here are delicious Quorn tacos, served with reduced-fat cheese (mum insisted), homemade tzatziki (fat free yoghurt, fresh mint and cucumber) and a green salad. We also had a few prawns that needed using up as well, and I may have stuffed some of them into a leftover taco shell (as may have my mum…) but this felt like an indulgent treat whilst not being too bad!

Finally- this isn’t a tasty meal I’ve put together myself, but I just have to declare my love for Skyr yoghurt. This stuff is so good, I actually prefer it to my previous favourite of Fage Total 0%/Fruyo. It’s Icelandic yoghurt, it’s super high in protein and fat free, and I like ALL OF THE FLAVOURS. Natural/plain, layered with Nordic Mixed Berries/Strawberry/Apple and Lingonberry/Sour Cherry… it’s all good! I haven’t tried the honey one but I assume that’s just as delicious. YUM.

PHEW. So that’s some food I’ve been eating recently. If you’d like me to, I’d be more than happy to share any recipes. Is this something you’d like me to post more of in future? What have you been eating recently? Let me know!

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The Sunday Update #1

I mentioned I’d be blogging this on my latest YouTube video, so here it is!

Today was Sunday, which I like to try and keep as a bit of a rest type day. I’ll sleep in a bit (… not usually as much as today, I forgot to put my ‘Sunday alarm’ on so slept to a ridiculous time!) and then go for a run, have a leisurely brunch type dinner, have a bath with a good book and a face pack and maybe redo my nails, as well as doing any things I still need to do to prepare for the week ahead. I’m sure I won’t have quite so much time to myself come September, when I’ll be full throttle into my teacher training, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep some of it up!

Speaking of running, I’ve been struggling a bit lately. I think it’s because it’s been getting hotter and more humid, but it’s been a real slog. I have to get out of the mindset that because I can run 5km, I have to run 5km every single time. I had to stop just under 2 miles today, just over 3km, because it was so humid and sticky it was like running through a solid wall of heat. However, I beat the me that would have stayed inside on the sofa so that’s a good thing. I’m down nearly 70lbs in total now, so I’ve got to keep on keeping on!

I’m not trying to do some ultra high-fashion modelesque pose here, I promise- I was just squinting into the sun! I have recently fallen head over heels in love with Posture by Illamasqua, the lovely lipstick I’m wearing in the picture above, and it’s so good; I only wish it wasn’t so matte/hard to wear! After wearing it for a while it just goes all flaky and stuff on my lips. Worth it for the lovely grey-mauve sort of colour though. Also here you can see my new Zombie necklace- green diamante and a little skull charm, what’s not to love?

Here’s a recent outfit and a new-ish addition to my wardrobe which is quickly becoming a favourite. It’s from Kreepsville 666 and is based on the iconic picture of Kyra Schon’s character from Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, and I LOVE IT. It’s so comfortable, reasonably flattering and will go with me a few sizes as I lose weight. Kreepsville 666 are definitely one of my favourite clothing brands at the moment! I got this from Attitude alongside the necklace I just mentioned and I’m still being impressed by their customer service!

Also, here are a few bits I recently picked up in Primark! At the top are some really boring things; another of their basic black stretch t-shirts (brilliant wardrobe essentials!) and a couple of pair of leggings, one ‘capri’ length and the other ‘crop’ which will be perfect for my holiday coming up. Then the grey t-shirt is a crop, sleeveless top with “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” on the front (Harry Potter eh <3), then a lovely dark green cotton t-shirt and finally a Mickey Mouse top- definitely a for-holiday purchase!

I also bought this- a PS. Love Your Nails fast dry spray for nail polish and I can vouch for it (having just used it)- it’s BRILLIANT. I applied my nail varnish, waited a couple of seconds and sprayed it on. After about 30 secs it was completely bone dry to the touch. To be fair I was using an Illamasqua polish which are pretty quick to dry anyway, but not that fast! It was only 80p- an absolute bargain.

Otherwise, lately I’ve been really trying to do some preparation for my course in September. We were given a little reading list with some gentle suggestions that we read as many of the books on the list as we can, if not buy them outright, and I managed to find a couple in my local library, so I’ve been taking notes from some very dry books on teaching Primary Science and Mathematics, amongst other things!

I’ve also been making the most of the library to indulge in some more personal reading. At the moment, I’m reading The Map of Marvels by David Calcutt- I think it’s really a children’s book, but that’s something that’ll be useful for my course anyway and it seems like a pretty good, adventure/fantasy sort of thing-, Torment by Lauren Kate- a sequel to Fallen which I read earlier in the year and a typical, supernatural romance style Young Adult/Teen fiction book but not actually that bad!- and Small Favour by Jim Butcher, the 10th in the Dresden Files series and one of my favourite reads at the moment. These books are so good, you guys. I’m also reading How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell but I’m actually sort of disappointed with it, which is a shame because the movie is one of my favourites.

I’ve also been doing some more YouTube recently! Yesterday, I posted a High End vs High Street video- of which I will be doing at least one blog post on!

And today, I posted a vlog that’s based around this Sunday Update post! I don’t know why I’m doing the metal horns in the thumbnail but why not! Please do check out my YouTube channel; I don’t have many subscribers or views at the moment but I’m enjoying making the videos anyway!

I’m going to post about some recent food that I’ve eaten, because I figured that would just make this post even longer than it already is! What have you been up to lately?

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Music Monday #2

Another Music Monday! Sorry for the lateness- but it is still Monday so I’m counting it! Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

1. Taylor Swift- Shake It Off

I love T-Swizzle and I don’t care. This is a song that I’ve enjoyed popping up on my running playlist and it just keeps me going.

2. AFI- 17 Crimes

I’ve been listening almost non-stop to this album in my car again. This is a slightly more positive song than I Hope You Suffer… but that’s still my anthem. Just didn’t think it was good to feature the same song two weeks in a row…

3. Lana Del Rey- Gods and Monsters

This is my favourite Lana song, most probably. It’s brilliant, I love the piano that runs through the whole thing.

4. Kidneythieves- Zerospace

This is another song that’s cropped up on my running playlist and I really enjoy running to it. I think it’s the beat but it’s really good to run to!

5. The 69 Eyes- Lost Boys

I’ve been loving The 69 Eyes recently. They’re always good, but it’s been an especially deep obsession of late. This song will always remind me of a goth night I used to go to when I was at Lancaster University, because it was played every time and it’s just such a good song to dance to.

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That New Jeans Feeling

So I went a little bit crazy with the ol’ clothing purchases in the last couple of weeks… To be fair, some of it’s stuff I wanted to buy before I go on holiday next month… But still, a little crazy.

I feel justified with one (not for holiday) purchase, however. Totally justified and exonerated.

I bought some jeans, you guys. And not just any jeans. Skinny jeans. And they fit like a GLOVE.

They’re those super cool, super hipster, ‘pre ripped’ jeans you see all types of people wearing but I love them and I don’t care. And even better, they’re 2 whole sizes smaller than I anticipated fitting into. Result! They were £25 from Yours.

I feel like a total badass mother when I wear them, and they fit so well that I think I’ll wear them on the plane when we travel next month. I’ll also probably wear them if we do anything ‘indoors’ and therefore air-conditioned because, as we’re going to Orlando, I don’t think I’ll want to be wearing skinny jeans whilst I go to theme parks and the like!

I also bought these shades when I was purchasing some ‘anti-chafing shorts’ on the Yours website online (basically, giant granny panties but THEY WORK) and couldn’t resist. I kinda feel like a rockstar when I wear them, I’m not gonna lie.

Looking at these photos and thinking about how awesome I feel in my new jeans almost made washing all my makeup brushes bearable. It’s magic, I swear.

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Music Monday #1 (the Return!)

A while back I had a bit of a series that I ran on my blog, in which I’d post five songs I was listening to a lot for the past seven days and was rather creatively named Music Mondays.

Well, I’ve decided to bring back Music Mondays! Aren’t you all lucky?

I’m going to try to not make this week’s choices too bitter and cynical and twisted, but there is definitely one pick that has been resonating with me on a lyrical level and I have listened to almost non stop since the middle of last week. Let’s just get to it, shall we?

1. Fleetwood Mac- Go Your Own Way

I am on a right Fleetwood Mac kick right now. They’re just awesome; that folksy, rocky sound of theirs is brilliant. This song has been a favourite for weeks and I think it’s something to do with how it almost changes from major to minor when it goes from verse to chorus.

2. Watain- Outlaw

I’m almost certain that a) I have featured this before, and b) this probably isn’t most of my readers’ cup of tea. However, Watain are one of my favourite bands and this is a song that I find myself listening to often. It’s just the way the tempo changes and it has that raw, old-school black metal feel to it.

3. Paramore- Ain’t It Fun

So to go almost completely 180 from that last pick, here’s Paramore! Ha. I love Paramore right now. It’s a combination of Hayley Williams’ voice and their general songwriting style, I think. This song is amazing, I can’t help but sing along when I play it in my car. Almost jazzy and groovy and just ugh amazing.

4. Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea- Pretty Girls

To be fair, I’ve only been listening to this via YouTube but I am obsessed. Britney is a goddess, I have a guilty pleasure love of Iggy Azalea, and this is just perfection. Ahem.

5. AFI- I Hope You Suffer

I’m not going to say too much about this one. AFI have been my favourite band for about 13-14 years now. This song has been on almost constant repeat since Wednesday. End.

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Running Into a Wall

First things first; I don’t mean literally.

So you might have noticed in my updates post that I recently ran the Cancer Research UK Race for Life 5k. Obviously, as part of preparing for that (and just in an attempt to improve my health and fitness and lose some weight more generally) I’ve taken up running.

This is something I never even dreamed I would do, let alone manage to keep it going for any length of time. Initially, I used a Couch to 5k app on my phone to help increase my fitness and stamina over a period of weeks and as of last weekend I am now able to run for over 3 miles in around 45 minutes.


However, this weekend I’ve just… not been able to run. I went for my Sunday run yesterday and struggled to reach one mile, let alone three. I ended up walking most of the way back and I wasn’t even out for half an hour. My mum runs with me on Sundays and we’d changed from our usual route in order to avoid a particularly nightmarish long incline right at the start of our normal run, but this one should have been easier. And it wasn’t.

I tried again today. Same issue. I managed to force myself to run for nearly one and a half miles and to go a little bit further but- again- I ended up walking briskly home. And it’s so frustrating.

I was starting to almost enjoy running. Maybe not the actual running itself, but the feeling afterwards is pretty darn good, when you feel all light and bouncy and like you could run and run and run.

I’ve been expecting this sort of mental wall to erect itself at some point but I didn’t expect it would feel like this. I have no idea why it’s happened, and why it’s happened now of all times. I mean… thinking logically, the split with my boyfriend last week is probably still taking it’s mental toll. I’m sitting here and I can feel tears starting to well as I write this. I know it was for the best for both of us but it’s still really hard to deal with- any length of time with someone, for whom you develop real, deep love for will be hard to move on from- and maybe I’m not as ready to bounce back as I thought I was. I just feel drained, in all honesty. We both said some things and it hurts.

Maybe I just need to give myself some space, some self-support and some patience. Just keep tugging on my running shoes and getting out there and running- even if it’s just for one mile- because I know that if I stop, I’ll find it even harder to get going again.

Sorry for the interruption to my regular schedule; this is possibly the first really real lifestyle post I’ve ever made to this blog, and I hope it’s not boring for y’all.

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26 Before 26

So last year I had mixed success with my 25 before 25 list- BUT I found it a really good way to motivate me to try to do some new things. And it was also interesting to see what I’d written when I’d forgotten one or two parts of it!

I’m going to do another list- I’m already a month down, but hopefully it won’t be too difficult to get back on track!

1- Read 30 new children’s books (0/30)

I have to read children’s books for my teacher training course, and even though I’ve already read a load, I’m going to start from NOW to read some more.

2- Read 25 new YA/adult books (0/25)

Obviously as I’m trying to read children’s books, I’m going to make my number smaller for this (but to be honest I also have no idea how much time I’ll have for reading come September!)

3- Lose some weight

This was on my other list and I’m going to keep it on this one! Again I’m not going to put any specific target down but it would be nice to continue with the loss.

4- Change my hair again

It doesn’t matter what I do- chop it off, go ginger, dye it black- I just don’t want to get stuck in a rut. EVEN IF I really love the length it is now!

5- Get a tattoo

I didn’t manage this one last year, but I’m going to do my best to manage this one this time! I think rather than focusing on my inner arm tattoo, I’m going to aim to cover up my rubbish ankle tattoo on my left leg!

6- Pierce my ear again

Whether that’s another lobe or another couple of helix piercings- it doesn’t matter!

7- Run another 5k in less than 45 minutes

I’m going to sign up for the Race for Life 2016 soon so that will be an easy one! Hopefully I shouldn’t find it too hard to beat my time from this year either.

8- Run a Tough Mudder

I’d also like to have a go at a Tough Mudder or Obstacle event. I know I’ll be busy next year but I hope to have enough time to fit one of these in.

9- Get a first draft of my novel written

I failed MISERABLY at finishing my novel this year- this time, I’m aiming for at least a first draft by my next birthday. Again I’ll be super busy but I’m being optimistic.

10- Visit 3 new places

It doesn’t matter where- I’d just like to go to 3 places I haven’t been yet!

11- Have at least £1000 saved

Last year it was £500 which I managed pretty well- next year, being as I will be earning more, I’d like to double the amount.

12- See the Northern Lights

Still haven’t seen the Northern Lights!

13- Have afternoon tea

This doesn’t have to be anywhere posh- M&S do Afternoon Tea now!

14- Buy a corset

Self explanatory!

15- Continue to learn French

I began to learn some languages through Duolingo last year but I think I was a bit too ambitious and tried to learn too many (French, Italian, Irish Gaelic and Danish). Whilst I’d like to learn all of those eventually (and improve my German and Russian and learn Finnish and Mandarin too!) I’m going to focus on French for now! It will help with…

16- Visit Paris

Ambitious, expensive- oh well!

17- Go on a trip by myself (doesn’t have to be far away or overnight)

I didn’t go anywhere by myself last year- mainly because I was in a relationship pretty soon after making this list! I’d like to take a solo trip this year though. Assert my independence and all.

18- Throw a dinner party

Didn’t throw a dinner party. Need friends for that, ha! Will try again before next birthday.

19- Pick up the cello again

Rather than being (again, overly) ambitious and pledging to pass my final exam finally, I’m going to go easy on myself and just pledge to pick it up again.

20- Learn geeky cello tunes!

Maybe this could have been part of number 18 BUT I have a list of ‘geeky’ pieces I’d like to learn to play- my World of Warcraft cello book, for example, alongside the Dragon Age Inquisition theme and the Game of Thrones theme as well.

21- Succeed in my training year

Obviously, come my 26th birthday I’ll only be partway through the year (going into my third and final term) BUT I’ll still be able to gauge how well I’m doing. And it’d be nice if I was doing well, wouldn’t you say!?

22- Try some Pinterest recipes (0/10)

I have a HUGE collection of food-related pins on Pinterest (including 6 boards!). I’m going to actually try out some of the recipes from them and blog about them here!

23- Continue running

I’m slowly but surely starting to enjoy running. I’d like to try to find the time to make it a permanent fixture and try to run 1-2 times per week.

24- Get back on the ‘scene’

I’m not going to lie- this won’t happen for a good while. I’ve no desire to find anyone new any time soon and, frankly, I respect my ex-boyfriend too much to jump straight into the search. But it would be nice to be at least ‘back out there’ by the time I turn 26.

25- Visit Ollivander’s

This is a bit of a cheat, because I know it’s definitely going to happen in about one month’s time. BUT I want to go to Ollivander’s Wand Shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Islands of Adventure. Doesn’t matter if I don’t get a chance to pick my wand (or would that be have my wand pick me?!) but I’d like to go there!

26- Post a blog once a week

This, I feel, may be the hardest one to stick to. BUT I’d like to post at least once a week. Even if it’s a quick update, that’ll do. I shan’t neglect this space like I have been!

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May Favourites

I used lots of different products in May, so it was particularly hard to whittle them down into a list of favourites. But whittle them down I did!

Also- I realise we’re now almost halfway through June. But at least I’m posting, right?

L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer– this primer has basically been my go-to primer recently. It’s silicone-based so it won’t be for everyone, but I find this kind of primer works the best for my skin. I have combination skin which flits between being dry on my cheeks and forehead and pretty oily and shine-prone elsewhere (especially around my nose) and this primer just gives me a nice, velvety, smooth base for my foundation and other makeup to sit on.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Light Warm– this concealer is my new favourite. I’m not sure about the shade- it’s good for covering blemishes but I think I might go for Light or even Fair Neutral to use under my eyes, as it might be too warm for using there- but it’s definitely a complete coverage concealer! It’s creamy, doesn’t really crease and is very easy to blend in.

Illamasqua Facet Palette in Aura– this is a bit of a cheat, as there are three parts of this palette that are specifically my favourites for last month but I have been using the whole palette so I’ll let myself off for that. Within Aura, I specifically mean the blush in Tremble– a beautiful, vibrant light pink-, the cream pigment in Hollow– a gorgeous, easy to use toffee colour that is a perfect contour on paler skin tones- and the brow cake in Thunder– the perfect warm brown shade to use on my brows! I also have liked the Gleam highlighter, and all four of the eyeshadows contained within the palette!

MUA Professional Eye Primer– this thing is DA BOMB. I’ve got some Urban Decay Primer Potion samples to use up but I still prefer this. It’s just perfect- easy to use, easy to apply, keeps my eye makeup lasting well and makes cheap eyeshadows work the same as my MAC and UD ones. I’ve nearly run out and I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying two or three tubes of this so I NEVER RUN OUT.

Illamasaqua Freak EDP– I said this in my May Favourites YouTube video, but I think this may have become my all time favourite perfume/my signature scent. Before now I would have answered that question with Coco Chanel (NOT Coco Mademoiselle, I hasten to add) followed closely by Thierry Muglier Alien BUT I think this has edged just in front. It’s just gorgeous, for day and night. I know not everyone likes using such a strong scent in the daytime but I do and I love it. It’s expensive but I might plump up the money to get the bigger sized bottle when I need to replace it- and I really want to try Illamasqua Freak Scarab too! It’s top notes are (via Illamasqua) Black Davana, Opium Flower and Belladonna, with heart notes of Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night blossom and base notes of Frankincense, Oud and Myrrh. I love it.

Soap & Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm– this is a part of my night time (and when I remember, morning!) routine and it’s the best lip balm I’ve ever used, period. It has a gorgeous ‘coconut ice’ scent and it’s smoothing and softening on my poor lips without being greasy.

So those are my May favourites! What were your favourite products this past month?

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Unicorn or Mermaid?

You may have noticed in my updates post that I have acquired some new makeup in the last little while (but what’s new!?). With a payday purchase, I became the proud owner of some more Urban Decay pieces and- something I instantly LOVED- the Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns palette.

The Urban Decay items I purchased alongside my BEAUTIFUL new palette of gorgeousness were another full size 24/7 pencil- this time in Junkie- and a special Little Perversions set, filled with a selection of travel size eye products and a handy, surprisingly decently sized makeup bag. Little Perversions was on offer in House of Fraser- £20 instead of the usual £30 which, considering what you got inside I thought was a brilliant deal! I was after a new mascara and had wanted to try out the Urban Decay Perversion one so this was a win all round!

Here’s another photo- inside the Little Perversions bag I found a mini 24/7 pencil in (surprise surprise) Perversion, a mini tube of both the Perversion mascara and the Subversion mascara primer (I LOVE both of these!), an All Nighter Eyeliner stick (again, love!) and my new favourite eyeliner- the Ink for Eyes eyeliner pen. Yes, something has knocked Soap & Glory Supercat off of its top spot!

We all know the star of this show, however, is the palette. Mermaids Vs Unicorns is a gorgeous palette with 12 pans of bright, beautiful colours. The greens and blues are- obviously- the mermaids side, whilst the pinks and purples are the unicorns. And to be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t yet decided which side is my favourite!

Here’s the palette all swatched on my arm. As you can see, the shadows are all of the quality we have come to expect from Makeup Revolution; pigmented, buttery soft and with minimal fallout. Both mattes and shimmers are present and both perform pretty much as well as each other.

Here’s a quick look I put together using my new palette and a number of new Urban Decay products- the mascaras and the Ink for Eyes pen. I used a number of the bluey shades from the Mermaids side of the palette and was seriously impressed with how well they applied and lasted.

Here’s a close up! The Ink for Eyes pen is amazing. It gives an even, super black line and because the nib is so thin it’s really easy to use and to get super close to the upper lash line. It also lasts pretty well and I’m sure I’ll be picking up a full size version when this one is all used up!

Have you tried any of these products yet?

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Recent Life Update (pic heavy!)

So I’ve been absent of late, again.

I seem to be making a habit of this!

Life recently has been a turbulent, busy, sometimes awesome and sometimes awful whirlwind. I’ve turned 25, done lots of overtime at work, very recently become single again, reconnected with old friends, been ill, ran a 5km race for the first time ever… SO MUCH has happened, guys. It’s unreal.

I’ve become active on instagram (@smaugish) and YouTube (/smaugishvlog), so there are more ways to keep in contact with me than ever before. Aren’t you a lucky lot!?

I thought rather than writing paragraph upon paragraph of updates, I’d just share some photos with you. So here stops the rambling and begins the photographs!

I turned 25 on the 1st of May- very lowkey, but I got some lovely things and I’m grateful for the fuss I had made of me!

New glasses from Pepe Jeans- think they look rather good!

I like the purple detail on the side/inside of the frames- and I have lipstick that matches!

Mini birthday money haul- Alice Cooper and Fleetwood Mac CDs, MAC lip pencil (I think it’s In Synch!), MAC Viva Glam III (I think!) and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural.


New lipstick + liner combo.

Digging out things you’ve never worn and finding they fit is always a nice feeling!

Filming YouTube!

Ran the Race for Life 5k! 45 minutes on the dot- not bad for my first one!

New foundation newness!

Good outfit days.

T-shirt art by me- fabric pens are a particularly tricky medium!

Fell in love with Illamasqua Posture- despite the dryness!

More shiny newness!

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