Late night sleeplessness.



It has been around five months since my last blog post. And what a five months they have been. I don’t want to go into it all now; I’m too bleary eyed to do so. Needless to say I probably will, at some point.


I have no idea where I am going with this post.


I used to have nights like this often. Nights where I would toss and turn and go into several different positions in my bed, do all the relaxing techniques I know of and sleep just wouldn’t come. So I traipse downstairs and listen to rubbish on my laptop or on the TV until I either fall asleep for an hour or so on the sofa, or climb back up the stairs to my bed for a couple of precious hours of sleep. It used to happen when I had school the next day, too, which was torturous.


Especially if I had double Maths or Science the next day.


Now, I’m not sure of the reason. I had counselling this evening, but it was a fairly positive session for once. Lots of things are going on at present but I’ve got the summer holidays and I’m feeling pretty relaxed. I’m travelling to Manchester tomorrow for a talk on Mary Shelley, so I need to be a bit bright eyed and bushy tailed. Which I probably won’t be now.


Oh well.

About Hannah

I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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