About me- the redux

So, as I said in my last post, it has been a fairly long while since I blogged here. There are a plethora of reasons for that- mostly involved with tech and teething issue with my domain name but I am hopeful that those are all sorted now!

Reading back through my blog I am struck by how much I have changed since I started writing it nearly six years ago.

Six years!? Six years.

So many things are different now. So many things can- and have- happened in that space of time. It’s over half a decade now since I began this blog as an attempt at ‘fat fashion’ before I very quickly felt out of my depth and uncomfortable in my surroundings as a fatshion blogger. Not that I have anything against fatshion or body positivity. I’ve just learnt a lot about myself, and about my health, and come to my own conclusions about things. Of course I think it’s important to feel comfortable in, and love, the body you are in for however long you are in it. Whether you are striving to lose weight or very happy where you are, everyone deserves to feel happy and comfortable in themselves.

Subsequently I moved fairly quickly on to becoming an ‘alternative’ blogger, focusing on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. And here I have stayed!

However, not necessarily here. On this blog. I have branched out to Instagram, which is something I am a little bit, low key obsessed with because I love the fact that I can share short, single picture (or more) snapshots of my life with the whole world. I have also of course branched out to YouTube- still have only a small number of subscribers but I am enjoying learning how to make better videos and the whole process that comes with filming.

More than this blog and my space on the internet, though, I have changed. I am not the person I was when I first sat down, logged into WordPress and started to type nearly six years ago. I have six years more experience walking this planet than I did then. I am just a few months over two years away from my thirtieth birthday, whereas then I was just a few months away from two years after my twentieth. I am two years into a career that I am not certain about with every passing day. I am more in debt but I have more savings. I have learnt things about myself and I have learnt things about the world. My family has expanded in the shape of a Sister-In-Law and a step niece. I am more confident in myself and I am more willing to seek help when I need it. In many ways I am stronger but in so many ways I am more scared than I ever was.

So. About me now.

My name is Hannah and I am a twenty-seven year old primary school teacher from the UK. I still live in my family home but that’s okay because the cost of living in modern England is sky high. I am tattooed and pierced, but I have to hide part of myself in a traditionally reserved work environment. I am unashamedly myself in all other aspects of my life. I am a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter, an Auntie, a niece, a sister in law, a cousin, a granddaughter.

I am me.

About Hannah

I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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