Boho Goth (Collab)

So these photos have been sitting ready to upload here for days, but I was unsure how to write this! Y’know, how to start? It’s been so long since I wrote a proper blog post, and this one is a really cool one!

Something that has struck me recently is lots of talk (especially on the Goth side of YouTube) about ‘types of Goth’ and ‘what type of Goth are you?’. It amuses me somewhat, because I remember how desperate I was to find ‘my kind of Goth’ when I was first starting out. Nowadays, not so much. I kinda take different pieces and bits from here and there to just create me. I pretty much wear whatever I want to wear, to be honest!

However, it definitely goes without saying that there are ‘types’ of goth. You have your big ones, the main draws to the scene- the vampire, Victorian, trad, romantic and nu goths. But there are lots of other types of Goth that I think can sometimes get overlooked.

Such as Boho Goth.


This is my take on Boho Goth. When I hear the word Boho, I immediately think hippy, New-Agey sort of vibes. Is that just me? And I guess I’m showing my age here but I also think Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. That’s not necessarily something that screams Goth straight away. However, I soon realised that I could get those hippy, Moonchild Boho vibes with this Killstar maxi dress and a beautiful velvet, fringed kimono from Primark a few years ago.


It somehow felt the wrong sort of weather for this kind of outfit, but I definitely enjoyed putting it together! The shoes were something of a struggle for me- neither combat boots nor creepers nor New Rocks seemed fitting!- but I remembered I have a pair of black fabric-strapped flip flops in my wardrobe and so out they came.



Accessory wise, I went with silver hoops, pentagrams and a simple silver ankh. Again, those esoteric New-Agey vibes seemed to be the way I was going. I also wore my black vintage fedora hat because for some reason a hat seemed to give me extra Boho feelings!


So, how do you think I did? I don’t think I did too badly at all! If you have any suggestions for future ‘lesser known Goth styles’ I could have a go at, do let me know down below!

ALSO- this post was written in collaboration with the lovely Vansheeka from India of the blog Goth Girls Grail (Insta: the_midnight_temptress). Please do click on the links and check out her version of this look!

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I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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  1. Moon Rose says:

    Interesting post! Really love the necklace by the way xx

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