The Hair Dilemma


I want to talk to y’all about hair. My hair, specifically, but a more general discussion on that stuff that grows out of our heads.

I go through stages with my hair, and my hair wants, etc. I pretty much want to change it all the time but my main hair desires flit between gorgeous, gothy, mermaidy lengths and short, sharp, messy cuts.

Does anyone else have that? That hair envy of both those girls with Morticia Addams length locks, that flow down their backs and swish around by their waists, and then those girls with the briefest, flirtiest and punkiest of pixie cuts, all ears on show and swanlike necks and tiny little elfin features?

I seriously suffer from that.

I even have the Pinterest board to prove it.

Currently, my board is mainly filled with short to bob haircuts and I think I’m going to go for the chop again, hopefully before I go on holiday. It’s just my hair is so thick and it’s so hot right now, especially at night, and it’s going to be even hotter and more humid in Florida guys, and right now my hair’s at that length where it’s sitting in an annoying place on the back of my neck/my upper back and it’s just… argh!

Thing is… part of me wants to stick it out and grow it out as long as I can stand it again. But I don’t know if I can bare it.

Also… Whilst I’m still not super confident with my hair and being a fatter kinda lady, I think I do look better with shorter hair. And even though I hated it the last time I cut it short short (so… a couple of years ago), I think this time as I’d be making the choice myself and actually want it cut it’ll be totally different. There won’t be a job or whatever standing over me forcing me to chop off my mid back length hair.

I also kinda want to change the colour. Either go super duper dark again, or a bit blonde, or ‘rose gold’ (check out Zoe Newlove’s hair here, this is pretty much one of the cuts and colours I’m lusting over now!), or super red/ginger or anything. Girl just needs to experiment with her look, y’know?

To give you some idea of some of the ‘sleb sort of hair I’m lusting after at the moment (also, ha, none of these ladies have the same face shapes as me as far as I’m aware)… but also remember I have a TONNE of different cuts on my pinterest but I don’t want to include the images here!:

Julianne Hough’s hair here is just gorgeous, especially the way it’s a little shorter in the back without looking all horrific and stacked ‘mom-bob’ sort of thing.

But I also love it (maybe more!?) once she shortened it more.

Lily Collins is another one. Her short bob is just… stunning. Again the perfect amount of versatility, a little longer in front… beaut.

Her newer short hair, however… ugh. Just look at it, guys.

Even on her ‘dressing down’ days her hair looks perfect.

Hayley Williams is another person I have major hair envy for. I wasn’t totally enamoured with her totally blunt cut, super short bob- it looked a bit like a helmet, to be frank- but now it’s grown out, ohmyword.

I of course have super hair-colour envy too. The cut here is perfect, though. Again the versatility of that long-ish undercut- she can brush it over to look like an asymmetrical pixie, she can wear it like a short-ish bob… just unf.

Sienna Miller’s also got it going on right now, guys.

I don’t think any of these ladies have the same sort of hair as me, though, nor do they have the same sort of face shape, and I’m still a bit self conscious about my fat face/potential for double chin.

So what’s a girl to do!?

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I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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1 Response to The Hair Dilemma

  1. Brittany says:

    have the same problem xD! i love long hair, and so dose my bf but i also love shorter haircuts equally as much lol im thinking about getting a bob with baby bangs :p I kinda wanted something cute and easy to deal with yet haunty, at least im hoping the bangs up the creep factor xD!

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