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The Hair Dilemma

So. I want to talk to y’all about hair. My hair, specifically, but a more general discussion on that stuff that grows out of our heads. I go through stages with my hair, and my hair wants, etc. I pretty … Continue reading

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Music Monday #3

This week has been a weird one for music. I’ve been listening to AFI almost non stop- where’s the change there- but it’s been pretty much metal, metal METAL otherwise. Oh, and show tunes. 1. AFI- Deep Slow Panic I’ve … Continue reading

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Recent Eats

Okay. So some of you might hate this post, but I’m still going to write it. So if food and nutrition and pictures of therein are not your thing, feel free to skip this one! I try to eat around … Continue reading

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The Sunday Update #1

I mentioned I’d be blogging this on my latest YouTube video, so here it is! Today was Sunday, which I like to try and keep as a bit of a rest type day. I’ll sleep in a bit (… not … Continue reading

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Music Monday #2

Another Music Monday! Sorry for the lateness- but it is┬ástill Monday so I’m counting it! Let’s get straight to it, shall we? 1. Taylor Swift- Shake It Off I love T-Swizzle and I don’t care. This is a song that … Continue reading

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That New Jeans Feeling

So I went a little bit crazy with the ol’ clothing purchases in the last couple of weeks… To be fair, some of it’s stuff I wanted to buy before I go on holiday next month… But still, a little … Continue reading

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Music Monday #1 (the Return!)

A while back I had a bit of a series that I ran on my blog, in which I’d post five songs I was listening to a lot for the past seven days and was rather creatively named Music Mondays. … Continue reading

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Running Into a Wall

First things first; I don’t mean literally. So you might have noticed in my updates post that I recently ran the Cancer Research UK Race for Life 5k. Obviously, as part of preparing for that (and just in an attempt … Continue reading

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26 Before 26

So last year I had mixed success with my 25 before 25 list- BUT I found it a really good way to motivate me to try to do some new things. And it was also interesting to see what I’d … Continue reading

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May Favourites

I used lots of different products in May, so it was particularly hard to whittle them down into a list of favourites. But whittle them down I did! Also- I realise we’re now almost halfway through June. But at least … Continue reading

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