London Wishlist- Beauty Edition

London Wishlist

Tomorrow, my mum and I are heading half an hour down the Chiltern line into the Big Smoke itself for a cheeky little browse in Simply Be and Selfridges (by way of the Disney Store)… So I thought I’d make a bit of a post detailing the things I would pick up tomorrow if I had no budget!

Starting, of course, with what I’d pick up from the Selfridges Beauty Hall. I can’t for the life of me remember whether or not they have an Urban Decay counter there, but I just included a couple of UD bits because if nothing else, the House of Fraser and Debenhams just down the road definitely have them!

Apart from the Rouge Coco lipstick, all of these items are from MAC, Illamasqua or Urban Decay… what can I say? I’m nothing if not predictable! The Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, however, is something that’s caught my eye since its release. I’m not sure which shade I’d go for- probably Gabrielle (a deep looking red), Etienne (a dark purplish berry) or Jean (a pinky purple). I also like the looks of the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks, but one has to be careful with matte lippies! From Urban Decay, it’s two things they tried on me last week that I kinda loved. The Naked Skin Liquid Foundation for one, and then the Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm, which they used to mix in with foundation and suggested could lighten it up a tone or two. Which seems like a result to me! I also have so many other things from UD on my wishlist but that’s a post all by itself! Swinging over to Illamasqua, I’ve gone for the Cream Pigment in Hollow– I have this thanks to my Facet Palette in Aura and I understand the hype! It’s a great contour shade, especially for my sort of skin tone, and it’s quite easy to work with. I also want another- yes, another- Nail Varnish, as they are my favourite nail varnishes ever and I can see a couple of gaps in my shade range. I’ve chosen to include Melange in my wishlist, because it is a beautiful colour, but thinking more practically (ha!) I’ll probably go for Baptiste (a shimmery deep purple), Monogamous (a fleshy pink colour), Phallic (a deep shimmery blue), Muse (deep teal) or Radium (acidic, shimmery lime). I also of course want a tonne of other Illamasqua products, including eyeliners, pencils, blushes and lipsticks but I’m being ‘sensible’!. Finally, over at MAC I’ve included a couple of things. The Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick just looks epic. Such a pretty, hot pink and it seems different enough to Candy Yum Yum for me to be able to justify purchasing it- plus, it’s for charity! I also would like to pick up the Mineralize Skin Finish in Natural, the one pictured is actually the l.e. Lightness of Being powder, and another of their amazing Powder Blushers. Again, not sure of which shade I’ll pick up- I’ll probably go a bit swatching mad!- but something peachy, like Peaches, Buff or Melba, or maybe something more like Tenderling. And of course there are a billion other things I’d like to pick up but I will be restrained! I also want to see if I can’t get my hands on a tiny little sample pot of their Pro Longwear Foundation; I tried their Studio Fix Fluid and I think it caused me to break out a little, but my boyfriend’s sister has recommended the Pro foundation so I’ll give it a go!

What’s on your wishlist?

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