My MAC Palette

So I finished it! My MAC palette. 15 (!) shades chosen to try and make an all-rounder palette, with eyeshadows (tested in store before purchase to ensure decent pigmentation and finish!) chosen to provide a range of colours suitable for any of my make up needs.

I apologise for how mucky the palette is! I cleaned it only the other day, I promise. Not all of these shadows have photographed well in the palette so I have swatched them for you as well. L-R I have (top row) Lucky Green, Steamy, Tilt, Parfait Amour, Stars N Rockets; (middle row) Da Bling, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Sable, Cranberry; (bottom row) Handwritten, Electra, Club, Knight Divine and Typographic.

All swatches are photographed with flash, by the way!

Lucky Green– this is such a pretty, yellow green. It almost has a hint of gold running through it and looks lovely paired with lots of different colours.

Steamy– I really like this one. A greeny blue with gold shimmer it’s lovely and pigmented and easy to blend.

Tilt– This is beautiful, with a really subtle almost iridescence. It looks really similar to Parfait Amour here but it’s much bluer on the eyes in my opinion.

Parfait Amour– A bluey-violet with a fairly subtle shimmer. It’s packed with colour and just a beautiful purple.

Stars N Rockets– This pinky purple has a magical quality; it’s fairly sheer with one swipe but is iridescent and beautiful, and easy to build up the colour if you want. Looks beautiful packed on top of darker colours.

Da Bling- A golden pink, really pretty. I think I should have chosen Naked Lunch to go in my neutral row, but I really do like Da Bling. It’s easy to pair with lots of different shades and goes well with Stars N Rockets for a super girlie eye!

All That Glitters– Everyone knows and likes All That Glitters. A great shade with golden shimmer in a neutral eye but also as a base for more interesting looks.

Woodwinked– Again, everyone knows Woodwinked! An antiquey, browny gold, it’s beautiful on it’s own and paired with a number of other shadows.

Sable– This eyeshadow is my lazy eye go-to. A really pretty and unusual golden, plummy brown with a slight duochrome, I just blend it out over the whole of my lid and into the crease and I’m ready to go.

Cranberry– Surprisingly wearable. A beautiful shimmery dark and plummy red.

Handwritten– A beautiful, soft matte chocolate brown. This is my go to crease shade for a neutral eye. Just a touch in the outer corner and through the crease is perfect.

Electra– An icy, cool silver, Electra is beautiful as a base or highlight in a smokey eye. It’s really pretty.

Club– Possibly one of the most well known of MAC’s eyeshadows, Club is the infamous reddy taupe with a green duochrome. It’s beautiful in a whole range of looks but I also think this is like a one-shade smokey eye.

Knight Divine– A decently pigmented black with enough silvery shimmer that it is more f a dark grey, I love Knight Divine in a smokey eye or to smoke out other shades.

Typographic– MAC call this an ‘asphalt’ black; I think it’s the perfect, deep charcoal colour. It’s matte, it’s insanely pigmented and much better than Carbon.

I think I have a really good selection of colours in my palette, but honestly I can see myself expanding and making a neutral palette, a green/blue palette, a purple palette, a dark palette… oh dear! Do you have any MAC shadows? Have you ever been tempted to put together your own palette?

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