Purple Haze

So I think I mentioned before that I have a new favourite lipstick colour.

And it’s puuuuuuurple.

Purple is one of my favourite colours anyway, but for me a purple lip is just… AWESOME. I love red still, don’t get me wrong- classic red lip and cat eye combo = still hawt. But purple is just that little bit more kooky and- dare I say it- GOTH. So yeah.

L-R: Collection Little Mix Perrie, Makeup Revolution Depraved, Sleek Exxxaggerate, Revlon Va Va Violet, Revlon Matte Balm Shameless, MAC Violetta, MAC Cyber, Illamasqua ESP, Illamasqua Posture, Illamasqua Kontrol. Underneath: MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Kooky

Look at them! So pretty!

Warning: I must apologise for the state of these next photos. I’m tired and my lips were getting progressively more sore as the process went on! I’m also not wearing any other makeup…

Collection’s Little Mix collection is actually pretty sweet. Collection is one of my favourite budget brands, and their lipsticks are lovely. This one is Perrie’s lippie, and even though it’s one of the less purple-purples in my collection, I still like it. It’s probably more of a purple for those of you who are scared of bright and crazy colours!

This one is one of my favourites, it’s the Makeup Revolution Scandalous lipstick in Depraved, and it’s a bright blue purple. It’s really a true, true purple and I love it. You can’t see it very well in this photo for which I apologise!

Suddenly closer! This is Sleek’s True Colour Matte lipstick in Exxxaggerate. It’s a lovely, bright fuschia based purple. It’s hard to get a really nice, deep pigment on the lips because the formula is a little stiff but it’s comfortable to wear.

This is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Va Va Violet. It’s the vampiest of all my high street lipsticks, but it’s much sheerer than it looks in the bullet! It looks super dark, almost black, but sheers to a berry-toned purple that is perfect for Autumn.

I’m happy cos this is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. ALL TIME. It’s the Revlon Matte Balm in Shameless and I love it and this photo does not do it justice. Pinky magenta-toned violet and vibrant and comfortable and easy to apply- ticks all the boxes.

This is MAC Violetta and it’s pretty similar to the Revlon Matte Balm, only shimmery. It’s an Amplified formula, and is beautiful. I love putting it over the top of both Nightmoth and Magenta lipliners, they both transform this lipstick completely.

Definitely my vampiest purple, this is MAC Cyber. The Revlon Super Lustrous Va Va Violet would be a dupe of this if it wasn’t so sheer. Cyber is a Satin formula, so it’s really creamy and comfortable to wear whilst still being super pigmented. I really like this one.

If this one wasn’t so dry it would be right up there in my top five of all of my lipsticks. Illamasqua ESP is beautiful- almost iridescent, ethereal- and a true, fantastic purple. But it is soooooo very matte and has an insane maintenance level to keep it looking decent, so I need to work on getting used to this.

This photo is awful but you can see the colour okay haha. This is Illamasqua Posture; another super dry matte but more comfortable than ESP. The problem with this is it’s fairly hard to get the colour to show properly on your lips, it’s really difficult to work with. I still love the colour though, an incredibly light, very grey-toned lilac. It probably makes me look dead but I really like the effect!

Official favourite of the favourites, this is Illamasqua Kontrol. Super creamy, very pigmented, easy and comfortable to wear… it’s perfect. A blue toned violet- almost what I’d call indigo, really- the only downside is that it makes teeth look on the yellow side, but I still love it anyway.

Finally (and by this time as you can probably tell I was getting bored of swatching and wiping haha) this is MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Kooky. It’s not quite the same in the tube as it is on- or that may just be me- but it’s still lovely. It’s not the most comfortable thing to wear, though, because of how it dries- super matte and a little sticky. But it won’t BUDGE once it dries properly, to get it all off I had to remove it almost as soon as I’d taken the photo (which was taken seconds after application).


So there are my purples. There are other purples on my list, as always- MAC Up the Amp and Heroine, I’m looking at you!- but I love the ones I have. Do you wear purple lipsticks?

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