A Veritable Plethora of Outfits

… Okay, not really. We’re talking three here. But in amongst them is last week’s absent What I Wore Wednesday number, apologies for not getting it up last week- I mumbled a little bit about it in my previous post!


Last Wednesday I felt like dressing up a little bit more than I have been for work; no particular reason why, it was just one of those days! I wore a midi length, long sleeved black dress by a Danish brand called Greenhouse.

It’s one of the most comfortable and easy to wear pieces I own, when thinking about it. I’ve been feeling very lumpy and rolly lately and even though you can see my less-than-streamlined silhouette here, the subtle darting keeps it fairly flattering.

I think you could definitely say that I went for a defined brow that day! I was trying out a new (to me) powder, too; I’ve recently acquired the much-lauded Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder after falling a little bit out of love with Maybelline Matte Maker. I quite like it so far but have actually come across something better- more on that at a later date!

As it was a week ago and I was a right numpty and forgot to note down what I used, I will have to take a guess at the eyeshadow I used and say it was either my Collection Work The Colour Nudes palette or my Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette. Either way I’m a fan of what I achieved!


Friday saw me attending my first ever ‘work do’, being the hen night of one of the girls that teaches in the Junior School. A load of us got together and surprised her at another teacher’s (gorgeous and HUGE) house, we had some dinner (catered by another colleague!) and played silly hen night games, including a round of ‘kitchen roll wedding dress’ making that saw us produce what can only be described as a piece of haute couture!

I wore a relatively new jumpsuit from New Look- I was dubious about how this would look but I actually really like it!- and my beautiful purple toned kimono, also from New Look.

I carried the purple theme onto my makeup, using MAC’s Violetta on my lips (LOVE!) and the purple and pink shades from my Urban Decay Glinda  palette on my eyes. Cheek wise I used my Illamasqua blusher in Allure, my base was Benefit Hello Flawles Oxygen Wow in Believe In Me Ivory and I used a slick of Collection cream eyeliner in my signature (but rather large, I must admit) cat flick.

I’m rather proud again of my quickly improving blending skills, and I managed to get the eyeliner pretty neat! Practice makes perfect!


I went pretty ‘goth’ on Saturday, more than I have in a while, and it reminded me how much I love dressing that way. I felt badass and confident, will have to do it more often!

Another confidence boost was that I could take this Kreepsville dress out for the first time since I bought it last Summer. It was always too tight for me- there’s bodycon, and then there’s ‘show off every single lump and bump’! But I love it and I’m dead chuffed I can finally wear it! I will also mention here as you can’t really see it in any of the photos- I wore a really pretty purple bandana with black stars all over it, rolled up and tied around my pigtails to keep my hair a bit neater. With all the humidity we had, my hair did not want to play along. Bad hair.

My eyeliner did not stay that neat for long, I have to admit! By about noon it was much, much smudgier and needed neatening up a fair bit. However, I wore my new Makeup Revolution Scandalous lipstick and I love it! It’s creamy, surprisingly long lasting and when it does wear off it leaves behind a stain and fades fairly evenly so it doesn’t look awful.

I used my FashionistA smokey palette on my eyes, with some grey shades taking pride of place and a bit of a black shade blended into my outer V and crease. I looooooove this lipstick, I must reiterate that fact!

So there were some outfits and makeup looks! I hope to have a June Favourites/Empties post up at some point tomorrow.

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I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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4 Responses to A Veritable Plethora of Outfits

  1. lookbeyondbeauty says:

    Cool outfits! 🙂
    I would love it if you would check out my blog & follow if you like it! 🙂 http://lookbeyondbeauty.wordpress.com

  2. Really pretty outfits. I love that skeleton dress and the lipstick in the last look.

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