Fitness Friday #2- What’s In My Gym Bag?

Welp I’ve abandoned this series so far, haha! Never meant to do that!

Quick apology for the sudden brief disappearance; life has been hectic in the last week! I’ve been doing so much cover for various things at work, as well as having a Brownie camp last weekend so I have been so tired my lovely blog has hit the backburner. However, things have settled down a bit now so fingers crossed I’ll have a bit more of a restful three weeks before term ends.

Anyway, today I’m going to give you an insight into what I take with me when I go to the gym, and the things that I wear whilst I’m there.

Here’s my gym bag, and it’s content! These are the things I keep in there all the time. The bag I use is from Primark a couple of years ago; I used to have a matching little makeup bag in there with a few bits in but that is no more. It’s fairly big and roomy so I can keep my shoes and a change of clothes in there without everything feeling squeezed in. The shoes I’m using at the gym at the moment are actually men’s trainers because my feet are wide- I have extra bones in my feet and suffer from Accessory Navicular Syndrome and so my feet can get very painful if my shoes are too tight. They do the job though and look pretty groovy too. I also have a bottle of water, which is very important and usually gets refilled once or twice per session. Then we have a bodyspray, which is always just a cheapy that I pick up from the supermarket or Poundland or something and just use before and after my workout to spruce myself up a bit as I will always go home straight afterwards to shower and change. Then I have my iPod- I also have a Creative ZenMicro but use the iPod for the gym because it’s bigger (so I won’t lose it!) and the cardio machines at my gym have iPod docks built in. I bought this second hand from eBay a year or so ago and I have a number of different playlists that I switch between- although honestly I tend to just listen to music when I’m doing weights and then plug my headphones into the machine and watch some TV whilst I’m using the cardio machines. Finally I have some makeup wipes. These are super important when I go to the gym straight from work in the evening because in my opinion there is nothing worse than sweaty makeup face. I hate the feeling of makeup melting and running all over the place so I give myself a quick wipe using one of these to remove most of it before I start my workout.

Here is the sort of thing I typically wear whilst I’m there. Sports bra is the most important thing and whilst I’m not doing anything that makes me bounce too much or is too high impact these are sufficient. I have a number, some are just from Primark and some are more expensive from M&S or online catalogues that are obviously a little more supportive, but as long as they are strapped down and held in place I’m good. I then wear a t-shirt on the top, usually something comic related because- stupid as it sounds- seeing a superhero when I’m struggling to lift or just can’t be bothered motivate me to carry on. I sometimes wear my Game of Thrones t-shirt too because you have to represent the Starks. On bottom I generally wear cropped sports leggings- these ones are from, surprise surprise, Primark!- because they are more comfortable and cooler. I like having my (hairy) calves free!

This is my game face, ha! I was super pumped last night to go in and do some heavy lifting, using heavier barbells and a few more sets but when I got downstairs into the weights room it was PACKED so I had to use the machines for my upper arms and I hate that.

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