Cheeky Makeup Revolution Haul #1- Scandalous Lipsticks

So, I caved guys.

I caved and decided to place a little haul from new (much hyped, much covered) budget range, Makeup Revolution. Bloggers ALL OVER DA PLACE have been going gaga over MR’s stuff, so I thought it was about time to have a look for myself.

I got 8 bits, consisting of the complete Scandalous Lipstick collection, The Matte Effect foundation, the Limited Edition Salvation palette in Dia de los Muertos and the Redemption Palette in Romantic Smoked. Why not one of the much praised Iconic palettes, MR’s Naked dupes? I’m actually saving for an actual Naked palette and am quite happy with my MUA dupe so that’s why I went for something a little (but let’s face it, not really that) different.

Quick comment on the foundation- I’m currently not convinced. I got the shade Ivory which is a pretty good match, really. Cheap foundations can tend to lean too orange, but this one wasn’t bad at all. However, I really didn’t see any major ‘matteness’ going on when it was on my skin. It was still shiny and dewy and while the coverage is reasonable I had to powder quite heavily over the top. I also think it might be something to do with my skin but it lasted for a couple of hours before it had disappeared from a few places on my face. Still going to test it out before I say either way but at the end of the day it was £2 so I didn’t have great expectations.

Let’s talk Scandalous, now.

This five-piece, Limited Edition collection comprises of some wacky (but sometimes innately wearable) shades, including a pink, an orange, a bright skyblue, a yellow and a true purple. Yep. MR also have a deal (I looked and they have a similar deal with all of their collections, actually) where you can buy 5 lipsticks for the price of 4 when you buy the whole collection. So 5 lippies cost me £4. Not bad!

Here they are swatched on my arm. As you can see they have a good texture, are nice and creamy and well pigmented when swatched here but on the lips some are much better than the others. They all look a little scary if you’re strictly a nudes or muted girl but trust me- three of these are so wearable as is, one could make for a really interesting look when sheer or on top of another shade, and one I think is a fantastic colour for Halloween if nothing else. Though I’m tempted to rock it out and think ‘screw you!’ to the rest of the world.

Here is the yellow shade, Felony. Felony is a really pretty yellow when swatched on my skin but I struggled to get it to any sort of opacity on my lips. HOWEVER- is it just me or is it actually surprisingly wearable when sheer like this? It almost looks like a yellow-toned nude and paired with a smokey eye I think it could look goooood. I am going to experiment with layering this over other colours to see what the effect is and will report back if I come across any success!

Next we have the orange, Vice. I am surprised how much I like Vice. I thought it would make my teeth look the same colour as Felony- it does not. I wondered how it would look against my odd skintone- it looks great. It’s sort of like a really great, slightly more wearable alternative to red, really. It’s nicely opaque without too much effort, too.

Next is the blue, Immoral. This was, like Felony, quite hard to get a decent amount of opacity with and is much, much more icy on the lips than I was expecting. This would be my ‘screw you!’ shade, but even I think I’d be a bit scared to wear it out and I’m a black lipstick kinda gal. However, this would be perfect for Halloween or a Sci-Fi look, and if I ever decide to dabble in cyber-goth again I have my perfect lipstick.

Next we have probably the most wearable and least scary shade, the pink, Crime. This is such a lovely pink. Again it’s not quite a stark when it’s on my lips- swatched it’s almost close to MAC Candy Yum Yum- but it’s such a gorgeous, fuschia-leaning shade. I think you could dress it up or down for night and day and again is another wearable alternative to red. Love Crime.

Finally, the purple shade, Depraved. This is my favourite of the bunch and if I had only bought one colour from the collection this would have been it. I have been searching for this kind of purple for the longest time to add to my purple lipstick collection and I am in love. It’s pigmented, the texture is creamy and it seems to last fairly well- although it’ll need topping up/reapplying after food or drink. I just love it. Depraved is the perfect, true bright purple and I think everyone should try it!

So that was the Scandalous Lipstick collection- I am impressed!- and the next post will be all about the palettes.

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