MAC order

So my MAC order came today. The order I made on Saturday. It came this morning. Less than 2 working days after I’d ordered it. To say that I am impressed with the speed is no exaggeration.

It all came beautifully packaged in a matte black box, with a load of shredded tissue inside to keep everything nice and safe and cozy. I didn’t order much, though it cost enough (MAC, you expensive mistress you). Just a lipstick, a lipliner, and a pro-palette and insert. Tomorrow is D-Day (that is, de-potting day) and hopefully I will be able to show you the beginnings of my very own MAC palette soon. Something that I did know about, but had forgotten, is that MAC are currently offering a free sampler of their famous Strobe Cream with orders over £40, so I will look forward to trying that out. Though I hope I don’t like it too much, a full bottle is £22.50!

I love the way the MAC boxes look, with the iconic lettering and the flash of colour on the lipliner box. Tres chic!

I won’t show you the empty palette- it’s pretty boring, really! But I WILL SHOW YOU THESE! I bought a lipliner in Nightmoth and a lipstick in Violetta. Ah, Violetta… It is so beautiful, guys. I was torn between this and Heroine and I got my mum to help me decide. She plumped for Violetta. I’m so glad I got this one, it’s stunning, and I actually think it was the right choice to make- it’s similar to my Revlon Matte Balm, of course, but it’s different enough to be worth while, and it’s another shade of purple. Purple lips are becoming a huge love of mine, you know. With this, Cyber and Illamasqua’s Kontrol I think I just need to get a grey-toned, light lilac or lavender and I’ll be done on all corners. Eyeing up one of the Make Up Revolution LE shades as we speak…

Swatched on the back of my (ridiculously chubby looking) hand, with flash. Nightmoth looks almost like a burgundy, berry shade when you look at it, but once swatched it’s this beautiful purpley shade, their description of ‘blackened plum’ is perfect really. And Violetta! It looks so pink, almost fuschia here but this photo doesn’t do the shade justice at all.

I apologise in advance for the horrendous state of these photos, but I just HAD to show you a swatch on my lips.

The lighting is terrible, but it’s so beautiful! It manages to be both opaque and iridescent at the same time. But what made me really gasp (no, really, I’m quite dramatic like that) was the shade I got when I wore this lipstick over the top of Nightmoth.

JUST LOOK!? It doesn’t even look like the same lipstick. I am now stupidly excited to try other lipsticks over Nightmoth, like all of my purple shades and hell some of the pinks too. I’m curious to see what will happen should I marry this with Candy Yum Yum, for example!

This was my first MAC order and it certainly won’t be my last. I’m allowing myself one more lipstick for my collection, probably in a pinky nude, and then no more lipsticks til some of the ones I have are used. I do however have my eye on a few more lipliners, shadows (in the palette pan form, obvs) and blushes so it looks like I will be eternally poor!

But at least I’ll have great makeup.

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