Music Monday #5

Back to work today, after a lovely week off for Half Term. I didn’t do anything, as we all know- I documented my ‘doing nothing but spending money’ verrrrry well on this here blog! Six weeks left to go til we’re off for Summer, though, so fingers crossed the weeks fly past! People always tell me not to wish my life away but I’m ready for Summer NOW, even though I’m not going on holiday anywhere!

1- Children of Bodom- Trashed, Lost & Strungout

My brother was playing this in his room at the very beginning of the week and it made me realise that I’ve barely listened to CoB in a long time. CoB used to be one of my favourite bands when I was about fourteen and first starting to get into heavier metal music, and I remember hearing this song the first time (my first boyfriend made me a mixed CD of ‘good music’, hahaha oh gawd that’s embarrassing) and it was like WOAH DUDE. WOAH.

2- Satyricon- The Phoenix

I’ve had this album playing in my car for the last few days, after my brother asked me to put ‘something heavy’ on when I was driving him to the gym. This song isn’t that heavy though and I know it’s been the source of some controversy for Satyricon fans, but I love it. I love the different sides they show us on this album. If I was ever in a band I would insist we cover this song, for sure.

3- Kidneythieves- Before I’m Dead

This is such a good track! It’s used at the end of the Queen of the Damned movie (crappy movie, guilty pleasure) and I’ve been listening to it loads. I love the chuggyness of the guitars and the general beat coupled with the soaring vocals, especially in the chorus.

4- Ben Lewis- The Beauty Underneath

This is from Love Never Dies, Lloyd Webber’s Phantom sequel, and is definitely my favourite song from the whole show. I also love Beneath The Moonless Sky and Til I Hear You Sing, but they’re all good really. I never saw it on the stage but I do have the DVD of the Australian production and I LOVE IT. I think it might be my favourite, even over Phantom, because it’s darker and more mature and ughhh wonderful. Ben Lewis is the perfect Phantom (and Anna O’Byrne is my favourite Christine, FYI, saw her in PotO and WOW) and this song is just… glorious and weird and beautiful.

5- Lorde- Royals

Mum and I took a road trip to Bournemouth to have lunch with an old friend, and it was a bit of a disaster, but I was in charge of music on the way down. We listened to the Beauty and the Beast OCR and the recording of the Phantom 25th Anniversary performance but I also played this album in between and my mum thought it was ‘quite good’. Praise indeed! Everyone and their dog goes on about Lorde and I really didn’t like her at first, but she was always played on the radio and she grew on me. Like mildew.



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