Birthday 2013- Realistic Wishlist

So, I may have mentioned in another post that it’s my birthday reasonably soon. I’ll be turning 23 (eek!) in 17 days! I thought it might be interesting (maybe?) to show some of the things I’d like to unwrap the most on my birthday- this is the ‘realistic edition’, haha. Please note- I sound very spoiled, but this is a selection from the ‘list’. I make a list as, for some reason, people always find it incredibly difficult to buy any sort of present for me, and whilst I’m more than happy and grateful to receive a little cash or a voucher, my parents especially like to give me something to physically unwrap- therefore they like me to write down absolutely anything and everything I could possibly want. However, money’s tight this year, so I’ll be thrilled with a couple of presents and a nice meal out 🙂
Birthday 2013
I don’t know why the text won’t format properly up there, if someone is more of a tech whiz than I am and would like to tell me how to fix it, I would be forever in your debt! Anyway, so this is a nice mixture of cosmetics and geekery- basically my life. There are a couple of academic books on my list, which are ridiculously expensive but will prove mighty helpful when it comes to writing my dissertation, but you don’t want to look at those! I will go clockwise around, starting from the top left and ending in the centre!
Urban Decay Theodora Palette, £35– Yeah, I would like to complete my Oz collection! I know the Oz palettes have been hit and miss, but I love the packaging, and I kind of put my Glinda palette on a little bit of a pedestal. I am in love with the formula, the pigmentation, everything- I think I’ve got the Urban Decay bug! I have been coveting Theodora since I bought Glinda, and I need this one in my life too. I also like the custom palette function- I can mix and match the palettes to take with me on holiday!
God of War: Ascension, ~£30 new- In the picture above is the Collector’s Edition. I would love the Collector’s Edition- a figure of Kratos to sit on my shelf? Yes please!- but it costs nearly £75, so that’s a no! I’m a massive video gamer, despite only being a current-generation console owner for a number of months, and never mind the fact that I’ve not had time to properly game for a while (damn you, Masters Degree!). The God of War series is one of my favourite ever; I completed each game in two sittings, tops, and I just love them. Graphically, they’re phenomenal, the game play is great, the puzzles challenging and Kratos is just an immense character. I’m also after the new Tomb Raider!
Flash by Jimmy Choo, £36 for 40ml- I love perfumes, and I tried this one in a free sample I got with my Illamasqua Mystery Box after Christmas. It’s quite light compared to the fragrances I tend to gravitate towards, sort of a bit fruity and floral at the same time, but I really like it! I also like the original Jimmy Choo fragrance, which is woody and fruity and again not something I’d usually choose, but nice for a change!
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Core Collection, £21.99- Yeah, this set of four brushes (and the rest of the line) are much lauded everywhere, and I really, really want to try them. My current brush collection mostly consists of ELF Studio brushes, with a few randoms I picked up at Boots or Superdrug, a couple of ELF Essential brushes, a MUA brush and a couple of Estee Lauder brushes from a Christmas gift set my mum got a couple of years ago. I’d like some ‘good quality’ brushes that are still affordable, and I think these do the trick.
Firefly The Complete Series DVD Boxset, £34.99 new– You can pick this up much cheaper from CEX Exchange or the like! I am a massive fan of Firefly. I wasn’t always, but I went through this sudden revelation in my second year of University that Sci-Fi and anything related was actually pretty awesome, and my then-boyfriend made me sit down and watch the only series of this amazing show ever made. It’s self described as a ‘Space Western’ and that’s an amazing way of putting it. I already own Season One of Farscape, plus the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series, and whilst Season Two (and beyond) of that and the Doctor Who Series 6 and 7 Part One boxsets are also on my ‘I need to own’ list, I think it’s time I get Mal, Wash, Jayne, Kaylee, Shepherd Book and the rest of the crew back into my lives. And once again curse the sudden and inevitable betrayal.
Being Human Series 1-5 Boxset, £32.50- I came to Being Human very late, during Season 4 to be exact, and I’m still kicking myself for not picking up on it sooner. It’s immense and the UK, original version will always be superior to the US one (though I know the US one is using an almost entirely different sort of mythos). The final ever episode felt anti-climactic but I want to be able to watch it from the beginning and fall in love with Mitchell and George (which is almost inevitable). I’m loving TV Boxsets and there are others on my wishlist- especially Grimm, Once Upon A Time and New Girl- but this is one of the most wanted.
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, £16- I know this is a good one, having flicked through it in Waterstones a number of times, and also having heard some awesome things about it. I want to start building up a bit of a ‘beauty’ library. I already own the three ‘Style Me Vintage’ books- Clothing, Hair and Make Up- and I want a decent, all-round make up book to get me started.
Illamasqua Freak EDP, £34 for 30ml- Another perfume, but I fell in love with this when I had a spray in Selfridges. It’s definitely more my street- heady and deep and intense- and I just love it. I know my mum liked it, too!
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, DVD £10, OST £15.95 – I cheated a little and used the logo to symbolise both of these. I think I’m more likely to get the OST for my birthday, as both parents are chomping at the bit to get the DVD and I’m not sure they’ll be able to hold out until the end of the month. I thought The Hobbit was a masterpiece, an excellent adaptation of the book (which is my favourite of the Middle Earth works, by far) and the casting was perfection. Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield was everything I could have wished, and actually all of the Dwarves were excellent. The scene where they sing inside Bag End literally took my breath away. Dwarves are so my overall favourite fantasy race, even edging out my beloved World of Warcraft Orcs and Tauren. That’s one heck of a statement for me to have made, I hope you realise. Seriously.
So that’s my birthday list! I realise everything I’m asking for is over £10- I would like cheaper things, like socks and a Primark bag, but I guess if you can’t ask for a couple of more expensive things for your birthday then when can you ask for them?
For a laugh, I might come up with a ‘if money was no object’ kind of list! Is there anything on my wishlist you’re after? Let me know!

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