Spending Ban Day #1- Shopping the Stash

Okay, so today marks the first day of my spending ban! I’m feeling quite good about it, but I’m not sure how long that will last! Hopefully I can just stay in rather than going out on the weekends and that will stop me from wanting to spend, right? I’m handing my debit cards over to my dad at any rate, so wish me luck!

My plan for the next two months is to ‘shop my stash’ every week. This is something I’ve seen a few other bloggers doing, and I thought it was a great idea. Not sure if I’m going a little bit more extreme than they did, though; my plan is to only use the products I pick out each Sunday evening/Monday morning for the rest of the week, plus primers and setting powder as I only have one or two of those. Hopefully it will mean I use some stuff I haven’t in a while, and either find some hidden gems or get rid of some rubbish!

Here are the products for this week:

I think I’ve chosen a nice selection of different products, including some I’ve not used in a while. Pretty sure I should throw a couple of these away, but I’m actually quite comfortable with eyeballing products- if they smell off and feel different, they go in the bin, otherwise they’re fine to use- and I’ve not had any problems yet. Playing with fire? Maybe, but I know I’m not the only person in the blogosphere to do this!

Let’s have a bit of a closer look at my selected products:

A selection of more expensive and cheaper products for my eyes, today! Some of these are either as-yet unused, or I haven’t used in ages, such as the MAC shadow, the MUA pencil and the Claire’s palette! The Claire’s palette actually looks identical to the Beauty UK palettes you can get in Superdrug, and to be honest they’re reasonably good shadows- not bad pigments, and they last quite a long time. As far as shadows go, I’ve also got three singles: Natural Collection’s shimmery eyeshadow in Fine Silver, Bourjois little round pot in 07 Noir Emeraude, and MAC’s Lucky Green. I think these and the Claire’s palette will do me quite nicely for this week, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can come up with! I’m also going to use my Benefit Bad gal mascara- the non-waterproof version, so here’s hoping the weather behaves!- and I picked three eyeliners, the MUA Intense Glitter pencil in Silver Sparkle, Sleek’s Kajal Eyeliner in Nocturnal (Black), and Barry M’s ‘Wink’ marker. I haven’t used the MUA pencil yet, and the Sleek Kajal has sat unused in my collection for a few months.

I think this is a nice selection for my face. The MUA All-in-one Blemish Balm in Light and the MUA Undress Your Skin foundation in Porcelain, both products I’ve spoken about before. I want to try the Undress Your Skin foundation a bit more so I can review it properly. I’m also using my ELF Studio Complete Coverage Concealer palette in Light- I didn’t get on very well with this when I got it, so I’m looking forward to trying it again. I also picked Natural Collection’s SunTint Bronzing Powder in Sun Shine- I have a few bronzers and I do NOT use them nearly enough- and Collection (still then Collection 2000!) blush in 01 So Pretty. It’s a little garish, with some serious shimmer, but hopefully with a light hand and some serious blending it won’t be too bad.

And this is what I chose for my lips! It’s the Natural Collection (they seem to have featured a lot!) lip liner pencil in Mulberry, which is a nice colour and easy to blend, along with two lipsticks. I have far too many lipsticks! I chose Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick in 56 Rouge sur Mesure- a lovely, pinky red shade- and MUA lipstick in Shade 14 Bare- a nice, coral-tinted pink. On days I don’t want to wear lipstick I’ll just use a balm. Maybe I should have chosen a balm, as I have a few? What do you think?

Here’s a quick Face of the Day using some of these products- I woke up not planning on any make up as it is my mum’s birthday and we’re having a PJ day, but I’m also coming down with a cold and so I looked terrible! However after putting the make up on and taking the photo, I decided to take it all off again! Fickle or what!

I used the MUA Beauty Balm, ELF concealer palette, the two brown shades from the Claire’s palette, the Collection blusher, the Sleek Kajal, Benefit Bad gal mascara and MUA lipstick. Not bad, I reckon this week will be alright!

What do you think, Fat Fashion Fans? Have you ever ‘shopped your stash’?

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