Pre-Spending Ban haul + Storage!

Okay, prepare to be shocked. I went mental. The main culprit is the sleeveless, studded-collared/Western style shirt that is on trend at the moment. It’s rare that I find a garment in a high street store that I can wear and actually looks good on me!

Let’s keep this short and sweet, as there will be a fair few pictures: onto the goods!


Primark, £6

Quick note- I had to get this two sizes too small, so it doesn’t actually do up properly. However, I can wear it as an open waistcoat, if I wanted to, and I’m vowing now that I’ll be able to wear it on holiday in July!

Primark, £6

I didn’t actually buy this today, I bought this on Thursday, and this is the thing that started it all off. It fits really nicely- I think I’m probably going to wear this for the London trip on Tuesday- and I love the print. You can’t really see it very well so here is a close up:

How cute!?

Primark, £6

This one is lovely, a bit chic-er perhaps? I like the monochrome stripes, it’s a little Beetlejuice but I don’t care! This one doesn’t have quite as much stretch in it, so it’s not quite wearable yet.

Primark, £7

So, here I managed to pull off three trends in one- the Western shirt, the collar tips, and the dipped-hem. This doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would, because the dipped-hem detail isn’t that pronounced. It’s a lovely stretchy jersey material and it looks pretty good on, even if I do say so myself!

Primark- make up bag £3, earrings £2.50, rings £2.50, scarf £3

I also picked up a few more accessories- not pictured is a pack of two pintail combs. The scarf is actually a really dark navy in real life, and I think it looks quite expensive, much more than £3 anyway! The make up bag is a little on the small side- I have an amazing Marvel comics one I use as a main make up bag for travelling- but it will be perfect to pop into my gym/swim bag, with some basic make up and some skin stuff to use after a workout/swim- my skin HATES swimming, but my body loves it! I couldn’t resist the earrings or the rings- the rings are all adjustable, with various turquoise designs. There are two simple circular ones, and I’m not sure how likely I am to get lots of wear out of those, but there is a little cross and a skull one and I will definitely wear those!

New Look

New Look- Ankh necklace, £4.99, Dove necklace, £2 down from £4

I’ve been thinking about getting this ankh for a while- it’s on a really long chain, and is nice and big- but I was put off by the gold. I tend to wear silver jewellery, you see. However, I think I can make an exception because it’s so pretty, and it has some really interesting, esoteric-ish symbols embossed onto it. The dove, which is a bit shorter than the ankh, was in the sale and I thought it was lovely.

New Look, £7.99

How cool are these shoes? They’re made from canvas and they are SO COMFY, I cannot tell you.


Superdrug- MUA Cream Blusher £2, Undress Your Skin Foundation £3, Undress Your Skin Highlighter £2

I just had to have this stuff, being a fan of MUA anyway and hearing great things. I got the blush in ‘Blossom’, as I have a lot of pinky coloured blushes and I thought it’d be nice to have some more peaches. The Foundation is in ‘Porcelain’, I didn’t swatch in the shop but I have had a go at home and it looks pretty good. As regards the highlighting powder, it only comes in one shade, and it’s a really pretty, oyster sort of pink and I’m looking forward to trying it out tomorrow!

With Flash

The blush isn’t incredibly pigmented, but that’s not such a bad thing. It’s very buildable, and it blends like a dream, so I think it’ll be a good blush for someone not incredibly used to cream formulas. The highlighter, on the other hand, is hardcore! Again it really blends, but look how pigmented that swatch is, and that’s from one little sweep with the tip of my finger! I think I’ll have to be very careful with that one.

Last but not least… new storage!

Okay, so this isn’t technically a haul, but I have mentioned in my room tour post that my room is a work in progress. Well, there are only two more pieces left to get now, and I wanted to show you my new things!

This isn’t where it all goes, of course, but I pulled them all out to take the shot. The pink basket was 75p from a corner shop, and it’s the perfect size to sit on my dresser and hold my designated ‘weekly stash’ whilst I’m on the spending ban- and hopefully beyond! Also a perfect-sized find are the black tumblers I have my brushes in. They were £2 each from Wilkinson’s, and I part-filled them with some ‘black gravel’ that was also £2 for a big container from Wilkinson’s. I also wanted to show you my candle- I know it’s not storage, but it was a bargain find! I love scented candles and incense, and I have a couple of Yankee candles on my birthday list. However, a cheap alternative is always welcome, and TU from Sainsbury’s have a range of scented candles that are just lovely. They come in various forms- tealights, larger votives and jarred- but I bought myself two tinned candles, which were £3.50 each. This one is in ‘Orchid and Sweet Coconut’ and the other is ‘Coastal Waters’ and the scents are gorgeous, and fill my bedroom with a really subtle but yummy smell. Cracking find, I’m sure you will agree!

So that’s it. One day left until my ban, but as it’s a Sunday I might as well think of my ban as starting now! How do you think I’ll do, Fat Fashion Fans?

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