Daily Look #10 + Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone’s had a nice, chocolate filled day. I’m currently perched on my bed with my laptop and the Andrew Lloyd Webber TV special thing on in the background- I am unashamedly singing along! So far we’ve been very restrained; my mum and I opened one of the three Easter eggs and shared it out with people after dinner, and that’s it for chocolate so far. We’re slacking!

Doesn’t our Easter table look lovely?

Yes, those are left over Christmas crackers!

Onto the look(s), then! There are sort of two looks in one here today. I got dressed, then halfway through the day I changed tops- but there was a reason for this!

This was outfit the first. I had shoes and my fake leather jacket on because I was going outside, but I’ve spent most of the day barefoot otherwise! I’m wearing the grey Western shirt I got from Primark yesterday, for £7, some black leggings (they are either from Marisota or Dorothy Perkins, I don’t remember!) and my studded brothel creepers from New Look. I love this shirt, and it looked pretty good on, but the buttons are incredibly slippery and the one at the bottom would not stay done up! Ergo when I was busy making the pudding for our Easter lunch and it flew off again I kinda got a bit cross and went upstairs and changed shirts!

Same leggings as before, only this time paired with the monochrome striped shirt I bought for £6 in Primark yesterday! I thought it wouldn’t fit well as it doesn’t have much stretch but I don’t think it looks half bad! Please excuse the awful bare arms… Mental note to use my dumbells more this week!

Please excuse the peculiar shot, but I wanted to show off my earrings! These are my Hamsa hand earrings from Primark, about £2.50 I believe! My left lobe has closed up enough for me to wear regular earrings again; I go through a sort of weird relationship with my lobes, stretching them up, only to either lose the tunnel in my sleep or decide I want to wear pretty earrings again and closing them back up again! Make-up wise I’m wearing all of the things I bought yesterday, plus a few other goodies. I apologise for the dodgy lighting but I just couldn’t get a decent shot! So on my face I’m wearing MUA’s Undress Your Skin illuminating foundation in porcelain, over the top of ELF’s mineral primer, and I’m really impressed! It looked a bit ghostly right after I put it on, but with some extra blending it lost that and merged with my actual skin colour very well. I didn’t even need to put any powder on the top, and it definitely does offer a medium coverage that gives ‘an even-toned glow’, so well done MUA! This costs £3 at the moment, but will cost £5 eventually. I also used the MUA Undress Your Skin highlighting powder on my cheek bones and brow bone, and with a light hand I achieved a nice, subtle effect, and using my fingers I blended some of the MUA Cream Blush in blossom onto the apples of my cheeks and out towards my temple. Both products cost £2, but the highlighter will go up to £3. You can’t really see my eyes, but I have the two lighter green shades from ELF’s 48 colour little-black beauty book in ‘Warm’ on my lids, with the dark forest green blended into the crease and outer V. I also used Barry M’s ‘Wink’ on my upper lash line, and kept it a bit of a retro, wide-eyed look by not lining my lower lash line or waterline at all. The Black Beauty Book is £8, and ‘Wink’ is £4.59. My lips is ‘Gypsy’ from ELF’s essentials lipstick line, and it’s a much subtler, dusky pink colour than it looks in the tube! It costs £1.50.

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I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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