Primark, New Look, Boots and Superdrug haul + MUA news!

You know what it’s like when you walk into a shop like Primark, right? You go inside with the intention of spending no more than £5 and you come out have spent just under £25… I can’t be the only one! Luckily I stuck to my ‘cash-only’ rule, and I got the things I needed as well as some things to put away for summer that happened to fall into my basket. So it’s not all bad!

The other thing about my shopping trip on Sunday (which felt so bizarre, by the way- I’ve NEVER gone shopping on a Sunday before. Raised by staunch Christians, who are currently on something of a ‘forced break’ from their church… but that’s not for here!) was that I had to spend money in Boots, in the shape of presents for my mum’s birthday on Easter Monday, and that of course meant that a few things found their way to the till that were strictly for me. I was very restrained, however, and I managed to stick to ‘what I went in for’ in Superdrug. So I’m learning!

On to the goods!

New Look

So this was my purchase from New Look. This was actually a couple of weeks ago, rather than my trip at the weekend, but I wanted to share it with you guys! I don’t remember how much it cost, I’m sorry! I’ve been liking the ‘collar’ trend from a far for a while now, but was terrified it would look a bit ‘little girl at a 5th birthday party’. So, I picked up this and another floral number that I was sure would be a dead cert and traipsed to the dressing room whilst my mum indulged herself by trying on about fifteen pairs of shoes (the fitting rooms at our New Look are in the middle of ‘Shoe Heaven’, is that the same as anyone else’s local?). To my absolute surprise, this was the dress that looked a million times better! Granted it’s a little tight- I hate the ‘fat’ thing sometimes- but compared to the other one it looked a million times better. Even my mum- who could make Joan Rivers wince- agreed! So this is in my wardrobe waiting for about a few lbs to be gone before it’s taken out for a spin.

Primark, £10, 6-20

So this is the first of my clandestine Primark purchases. I saw this on the rail and gravitated towards it immediately. This dress, with it’s flounced cap sleeve detailing and overall updated tea-dress feel, instantly ‘fell’ into my basket. I just love it. It’s a bit too small right now but I don’t feel too bad about it because a) I had to get a size smaller than I’d normally get, thanks to the hit-and-miss size availability prevalent in Primark, and b) I’m working hard to keep my weight loss going. I’ve had a rough time of that lately but I’m determined to do it- and now I have two more nice things to take on holiday with me! This would look perfect in the evening, with gladiator sandals and some shades, and maybe a bracelet or two.

Primark, £7. 6-20

Yes, that’s right. This was £7. £7. That is frankly criminal, but I’m not complaining! It’s a little thin but that is perfect for once the weather gets a bit warmer- if it ever does. You also can’t see it properly in the photo, but the little bird pattern is in a light, blush-pink colour. This also has the dipped-hem trend going on- another trend I’ve steered clear of, especially in tops, as my massive behind is unfortunately exaggerated by it- but as this is that much longer it doesn’t look bad at all. Again, this dress is a little on the small side but it won’t stay that way for long! This would be great both in the day and in the evening, with a leather jacket or dark coloured blazer on the top to rock it if it’s a little colder.

Primark accessories- prices vary

The scarves and the clutch bag are the product of a previous shop, so I can’t remember the prices- I’m so bad at that! I saw the clutch bag and i just had to have it- I am a massive lover of skulls, as you can probably tell from previous posts, but I like the fact that this is just tiny little gold and silver studs. It’s got a gold zip-fastening and a wrist-strap, and is very generously sized with a pocket on the inner lining for smaller bits and bobs. As you can tell, both scarves feature my beloved skulls and I thought they were both a little bit different! The black scarf has a mixture of realistic skulls and pretty, ornate Gothic crosses in the print, which is something I’ve not seen done as well- the fabric is pretty sheer and it just looks expensive when it’s on. The white scarf is actually a snood, and it’s a little bit more girly, so perfect for Spring. Love! There’s also two packs of their velcro rollers (£1.50 each) which I’ve seen recommended in other blogs and a few YouTube vids so I thought I’d try ’em, and a pair of Hamsa-hand earrings for £1.00.

Primark, £1.00

How pretty are they? There’s a light blue stone in the middle of the hands but I have a feeling that stone will probably drop off after a few wears. But for £1.00 you can’t really complain! I don’t think they will look terrible without the stone- even though it is a really pretty detail- so I’m happy!

Soap and Glory A Great Kisser, £5, Boots

This is the only purchase I can show you from Boots, as everything else was a present for my mum and she reads this blog!! I’m excited for her to get the presents from this specific shop; I had a pretty good idea and I will share it with you on Easter Monday, I promise! But this is a lip balm from Soap & Glory, in the flavour ‘Juicy Peach’. This was actually supposed to be a present for my mum, but she casually mentioned that she doesn’t like or use lip balms so I thought ‘well, I’ll have it then!’. I wouldn’t have chosen this particular flavour for myself- I’d have much preferred either Sweet Coconut or Chocolate Cherry, as I can find peach flavours really cloying- but the smell (and taste?) of this is actually really nice- definitely the juicy that they claim! The tin is a good size as well- so even though it’s a bit expensive at £5 you get a lot of product for your money. It’s sheer but it does give a good bit of gloss so you could even use it over the top of lipstick. I tried it underneath one of my ELF Studio Matte lip colours and it did make the colour a little sheerer, but I didn’t mind that too much.

Rimmel Nail Polish, ~£4, MUA BB Cream, £4

I actually lied- this nail polish was also from Boots, as they currently have a 3-for-2 sale on across Beauty and hair products. I’ve been after a green nail polish for a long time, and whilst there is a gorgeous emerald green colour in the Revlon line, I wasn’t paying £7 for a polish! This has photographed blue, but it’s actually a really gorgeous, almost turquiosey sea-green colour. It matches my hair almost perfectly! I can’t remember the exact price but it’s around £4. Also here we have part 1 of 2 of my Superdrug purchase- the MUA BB cream in Light. I think I would have preferred ‘Light Rose’ but my local Superdrug has a bit of a limited MUA selection. Anyway, since the whole Beauty world has been raving about BB creams I thought it was about time I gave them a go. Now, I didn’t want to pay loads of money for something I wasn’t sure would actually work- that’s why I sent off for a free sample of the L’Oreal CC cream- but I’ve been impressed by MUA so far, so I thought I’d try theirs. I need to give it a couple more uses before I can really comment on it.

MUA, £1

Finally, here is the MUA Pressed Powder in the lightest shade- I think it’s Shade 1! Now, I’ve been after a new face powder for a while, because I use pressed powder all the time, to set foundation and to act as foundation on days I can’t be bothered with liquid but need a bit of coverage. I am so wary of the ELF pressed powders, having heard horror stories about break outs and orange-tones, so I was a little reticent to get this as it is only £1. But, so far, I am impressed! The colour is almost perfect for my skin- something so rare I’ve only found my much more expensive Maxfactor Creme Puff to provide- and my skin has not felt irritated by it. Again, I’ll need to use it a bit longer before I can really make a judgement, but so far I am loving everything I have from MUA. Go MUA!

on that subject…

MUA have released two new products!

Yes, that’s right! The budget beauty line have released two new products to their permanent collection-Power Pout (£3.00), which comes in 6 shades from nude to dark plum, and three Merged Baked Eyeshadow Trios (3.00) in a neutral, a golden bronze and a smokey colour combination. The Power Pout is screaming at me ‘Super Saturated/Chubby Stick’ dupe, which is looking promising but I can’t say for sure until I’ve tried one, and the shadows look really interesting. Sorry for the lack of photos- as soon as I have one (which I blatantly will before too long…) I will show you! Both are available online now.

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    the blue dress is soo lovely !! anni xxx

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