A tale of posts to come…

Hi guys 😀

So this is just a ‘look and see what’s coming in the next couple of days!!’ post to get your proverbial juices flowing. It’s all preeeetty beauty hauls! I will also upload you with the more recent acquisitions to my wardrobe- about three pairs of beautiful shoes!- and maybe give you some reviews. I will definitely swatch all of the stuff I post below, but that will probably come tomorrow 🙂

SO the main gist of this post is to show you the result of TWO mammoth ELF hauls:


and then a smaller, but no less important, Superdrug haul!


Yes, that Superdrug haul does include the infamous MUA Professional 12 Shades Palette dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette! How exciting!

I’ll also be doing a swatch of these:


Which are my Sleek i-Divines! I love them, they’re fantastically good value and amazingly pigmented, so I would highly recommend all of them.


So yes! Keep your eyes peeled, fat fashion fans! 🙂

About Hannah

I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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3 Responses to A tale of posts to come…

  1. pixiemumbles says:

    I wish I had the money for all that lovely makeup, Hannah! I’m afraid I’ll be lumbered with what I currently have (which is still the most makeup I’ve ever had) for another age yet.
    I have, however, found my perfect foundation…as long as it’s never discontinued!

    • Hammi says:

      I’m sure what you have is great! I’ve just turned into a make up junkie :p
      Oooh, what’s your perfect foundation? I’m still looking for mine, really! I want to get matched with a MAC shade, as that will make it so much easier for me to know what i’m looking for. Fucking awkward skin tone ><

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