Oh my GOSH fat fashion fans, it has been SO LONG since I posted!

I’m so sorry for the lack of postage, but my life went mental over the Christmas period. You know how it is, I’m sure! I’ve also not been doing very well, mentally and physically, so that’s kind of meant that posting here was the last thing on my mind. However, as of today exciting things here at Fat Fashion HQ are go! I’m currently uploading an awful-quality and very double-chinny video to my shiny new YouTube account- it’s a bad, bad video but it’s a start, right?

I’ve got so many posts coming up. Because I am currently without a decent video camera, I might do image-and-text versions of some of the better known beauty and fashion ‘vlog’ staples- top 10s, room tours, collections, that sort of thing. The collections and top 10s are things I was planning to do for you lovelies anyway, so stay tuned!

I’m also now a seasoned ELF user- okay, okay, I’ve ordered three times- BUT I’m going to give you some pros and cons and details of the ELF haul that’s in the video I’m uploading as we speak- better swatches, actual price details, that sort of thing.

Also, I might do a ‘So these are my issues’ post. It might scare y’all away… but at the same time, honesty is always the best policy, right? And it might make y’all treat me a little gentler when I go AWOL again 😉




This is going to be the ‘uber haul’ I spoke of in my last post. It’s actually not that much of an uber haul, but you know. It’s a haul. 😀


Isn’t it pretty!? Please excuse the messy, red bed- I’ve NEVER had a red duvet cover before, this was a temporary, emergency replacement. But yes! It looks pretty good altogether, doesn’t it? And also- I know there are books, but as they are part of the haul I’ll include them anyway. ‘Cos I’m like that 😀

Let’s go through it bit by bit- starting with the smaller pieces!

Here we have four books from a charity shop- the only way to do it!- which includes four lovely Penguin Shakespeare editions, in really good nick, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Mistral’s Kiss. Mistral’s Kiss is from the Merry Gentry series by Laurel K Hamilton- if you want GOOD dark fantasy/horror romance/erotica, read these.  I implore you.

Also featured are Boots’ Natural Collection eyeshadow in White Opal- these eyeshadows are such good quality, they are so pigmented for the price, I’ve found- and a Boots 17 nail varnish in Orange Soda, as well as Karma by LUSH. I love LUSH’s solid perfumes, they come in really interesting fragrances.

Then we have SHOOOOES

It’s a bad picture, but I have worn the ever loving crap out of all of these. From the left- Doc Martin style boots from ShoeZone, these were around £26.99 ish and are so comfortable. I’ve been after shoes like this for a while- I have a pair of matte purple Docs, but they are currently languishing in the wardrobe with broken laces- and these are really good quality for the price. They’re not even close to being damaged yet. Then we have some AMAZING wedge-heeled shoe boots from New Look, with spikes and studs and generally all round yummy-ness. I can’t even remember how much they were, but they weren’t more than £20-30. I love them so much, and because of the wedges, even someone like me can walk in them comfortably. Winning! Lastly we have some Fuggs, also from ShoeZone, which are the obligatory winter shoe- and because it was really quite dry the other side of Christmas, I could actually wear them! Not so much now because of the snow and rain and stuff, but y’know- for £9.99 they’ve already paid for themselves, and I can wear them round the house to keep my feet warm!


Next we have this beauty, from New Look. Again I’m sorry- I don’t remember the price- but look how pretty! I love the fact that it’s a really delicate material and style,  a sort of flouncy, chiffony tea dress but with loads of skulls all over it. I love it when ‘goth’ is in fashion, because you get pieces like this, and someone of a more ‘gothic’ disposition doesn’t have to fork out the usual premium prices for ‘alternative’ brands. It’s a little bit on the small size at the moment- numerous factors have kind of erased some of the weight loss I managed before Christmas, yet ironically I hardly ate any chocolate or good stuff over the festive period- but I reckon about 10lbs and it’ll be good to go. I think this’ll be a good piece to wear on my holiday this summer, with some awesome aviator shades and gladiator sandals. Goth does summer!


Finally, we have this!

It’s a really nice, comfortable sleeveless shirt dress (I guess?) from Simply Be (yes, a Fat Person Brand, but whatever, it actually looks good!). I call it my ‘Wednesday Addams’ dress because it actually looks kinda like that :p There’s a black shift to go on underneath, because the dress bit is totally sheer. Although if you were super confident I guess you could just wear the dress… that’d take mega balls though!

So yes! Haul! I’ll try and do something of a Christmas haul soon, to show the fashiony bits I got at Christmas and then in the sales afterwards. I promise it won’t be as long before I post again, fat fashion fans!

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I'm Hannah. Almost thirty, qualified teacher. Goth, vegan, Hufflepuff and Hordie. I like bats, skulls, glitter, tombstones, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, ghouls and zombies, Disney, musicals, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
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4 Responses to Apologies and UBER LATE UBER HAUL

  1. pixiemumbles says:

    I reckon if you had the confidence for it to go in front of a camera, that last dress could make for some really interesting photos.
    Also, you have incredible taste *fawns*

    • Hammi says:

      Interesting yes, nice to look at, probably not :p I’m looking forward to mixing it up when I’ve lost a bit of weight.

      And thank you *bathes in the fawning* ahaha though generally I just wear band t-shirt X with leggings Y :p

  2. Love the haul – pretty epic as things go! I like it when ‘goth’ is in fashion too, but I’m not a big fan of skulls on everything.

    • Hammi says:

      I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to skulls, but only in certain circumstances. There are a lot of occasions where skulls look tacky and too Halloweeny!

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